Saturday, May 23, 2009

TriMet is wasting money on Execs!!!!

Thank you Al for the posting of salaries, I could better examine this places levels of management, boy oh boy.

Fred Hansen Makes $1031.94 per DAY!  I used to take a week to make that, now on unemployment I make a little more than that a MONTH!

All the TriMet Execs Pay above $100k equals $7.33 Million.  

Step One, all the execs and directors (non-union) need to look at what everyone else is doing, 20% cut in salaries will save almost $1.5 million a year alone!  Thats just based on the salaries over 100k, I bet there are more, they could save even more!  Why do the tax payers have to foot these outrageous salaries, this is what is wrong with this country, its who can make the most money, while employee moral and loyalty decline, and service declines.  

Secondly, look at some of these titles, some could be combined, or eliminated. 
"Engineer of Light Rail Vehicle", are we paying a Semiens Employee full-time to design Light Rail cars?  I thought that was THIER job, not ours. Pluys, we're good on cars, we don't need any right now!
2 "Software Development Leads"? 2 of them! Are they the ones that can't get MAX Ticket Machines to work right?  Why are there 2?
"Executive Director of Transportation" whom is in charge of "Director of Transportation", combine the job!  theres a level of management too many here.
Mary Fetsch, the voice of TriMet makes $105k a year to babble on TV about TriMets bullshit!
"Director of Commuter Rail" AND "Special Counsel Commuter Rail Project", holy shit your kidding me right???  FIRE THEM NOW, WES is failing left and right, these people are paper weights! The Director of Transportation should be over this as well.
"Director of Mall Project", ohhh heres a money saver come September.
"Executive Director of Capital Projects" whom is in charge of "Senior Director of Capital Projects", who I bet (Is not on the list) is in charge of the "Director of Capitol Projects", oh and I bet there is a "Manager of Capital Projects", get serious, 4 jobs could be one.  For over 100K a year, you can handle it!
I bet the list isn't showing how many REAL levels of management there are, the only "Manager" on the list is Fred.  Managers make 60-90k a year, easy. I used to work for a large corporation that had management levels like this, they were considered "MisManaged" by Bill Gates!  I think TriMet follows the same path.
Its time for someone else to move in, and turn TriMet upside down, The Light Rail BS would slow down, and maybe we could have a transit system we could be proud of.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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