Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Look into KCM Trolley Buses

Video from KCDOTs YouTube Page.


pstransitoperators said...

The Bredas are the buses "reaching the end of their useful lives" - if they ever had one.

The Gillig's - the 40 foot non-articulated coaches - likely have a decade or more of useful life left. Recommending replacement of the entire fleet due to the arbitrary standard of age alone isn't responsible fiscal policy - it's a mid-life crisis.

punkrawker4783 said...

adron (http://transitsleuth.com/) has left a new comment":

I didn't expect the Trolley's to last much longer - the issues is road surface. Look at the crap roads in Seattle, especially along a lot of the Trolley Routes and you know what I mean.

Beside the fact that it takes considerably more energy to move a bus/Trolley with rubber on tarmac surface, the continual jarring wears on parts at a vastly faster rate than smooth roads or rails.