Friday, July 23, 2010

Poll Results: Mcfarlane was named gm

I am a bit behind on the poll, my apologies to my loyal readers on that.
Only 8 votes, but they are good votes, 74% of you think the new GM at TriMet will focus on rail over buses. 1 of you thinks bus service may improve, but not before MAX. And 1 of you thinks he really will make a difference. He has said one of his priorites is to restore bus service, but how can we carry on with that while the next MAX line is pushing forward, and TriMet is ordering only 4 new buses?

mcfarlane was named gm, do you think changes are ahead?

Yes, I think it will improve over all service
1 (12%)
Yes, but MAX will still be ahead
1 (12%)
No, This guy loves rail, and buses will still suffer
5 (62%)
No, hes a spitting image of Fred Hansen
1 (12%)

Votes so far: 8
Poll closed

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