Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Those with slashed service said No!

The TriMet Bond measure fails. Its where it failed that is becoming obvious, and I would think I would have maybe picked up on this. As TriMet has slashed, chopped, and whittled away at bus service, its important to take note where this effects most riders. In those news releases, they have cut 12 lines in Washington County, That is they do not run on Saturday, Sunday or Both. They have cut, or threatened to cut 6 lines in Clackamas County. In Multnomah, They have cut a handful of lines, but Portland has good service, that runs (somewhat) frequently.

Multnomah County Voters approved the Bond 59% to 41%. But Washington County Voters Said No to the tune of 56%, and Clackamas follows suit with a whopping 60% saying NO!. Would you blame them? TriMet is going to buy new buses, and improve stops....for buses that don't run in my county? Center Garage has the majority of the new buses bought in the last 10 years, which most run within Portland and Multnomah County. While Clackamas County has seen more Low Floors, they are older buses. Washington County has 40 of TriMets newest buses, most which never get seen on routes within Washington county except the 57. The 52, 76 and 78 sometimes get them, if theres some left over. The 2 Counties that voted No get the oldest of the fleet, but their service has been cut to where they may have resorted to find other means of transportation.

TriMet has recently posted a response to the failure of the bond. They say this was due to the economy. Well sure, it because they have shot themselves in the foot. You cut service to 2 of 3 the counties rather heavily, then ask them to buy new equipment, with no promise in sight of that service returning. Bus Service cuts have fed the decline in ridership, and making downtowns' Fareless Square Rail only, naturally boosted Rail numbers. This bond measure was to benefit the elderly, whom of which many live in the outlying areas where service was chopped. McFarlane goes on to say that he hope operators will continue to provide great service, which in response to the Bond measure I am sure they will. But its until you sit down, and work something out with your operators union, which you have not, that the overall culture will change.

While you continue to ask for federal dollars for rail projects and not buses, its you TriMet, that left your bus riding customers on the curb.

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Al M said...

This is the first decent analysis of the loss I've seen!