Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Seems TriMet is trying to steer you away from Twitter

In the last couple of days TriMet has been sending tweets, even emails out to steer you from sending any complaints, suggestions or commendations to them via social media. One reads "Have an experience you'd like to share?", then gives a link to their comment form. Another "Do you have a question or comment about our services?" Also complete with a link to the comment form.

They have even went to the extent to send me an email:
"Do you want to give us feedback about one of our operators? Do you need to report a broken ticket machine? Do you need to report an item you lost or found on one of our buses or MAX trains?

Visit trimet.org/contact to find the reporting forms for all of these issues.

You can also contact Customer Service directly by calling 503-238-RIDE. Thank you for your feedback."

Unlike Translink in Vancouver, TriMet wants to use Social Media in a one-way format, don't bother them with your questions, unless you want to use the form or call. TriMet has been very slow at adapting to Twitter, sending out service alerts late, and just "sorta" using it. Skimming thru the TriMet Twitter they are answering peoples questions and complaints (mine too), but judging by all the attention being given to "Use the form", they do not want to be answering you on Twitter, and maybe they are trying to run from it. TriMet needs to learn from Translink pilot Twitter project, which is VERY successful, it was made permanent.

TriMet has also taken this to Facebook, there are a few very vocal people (that it appears TriMet ignores, because the only respond to those who praise the service).

TriMet: Twitter and Facebook are great ways to communicate with your riders and users, embrace it, don't ruin it.

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Nancy D'Inzillo said...

Hey punkrawker, we didn't send the tweets and emails out directing people to our customer service forms in order to discourage anyone from tweeting to us with feedback, but simply as the preferred option for reporting issues that in many cases are hard to discuss and resolve within the limitations of 140 characters. We sent out the email as a reminder to our 14,000 subscribers – many of whom do not participate in social media—of the online channel that is readily available to them for sharing information about our service and system. We are happy to conduct Twitter conversations as necessary to resolve issues.

Nancy D'Inzillo
TriMet Web Coordinator