Thursday, September 8, 2011

Free Rides dwindling in Portland

The Portland Afoot website, or magazine as its referred to is reporting that the Portland Streetcar is about to can the "Free Rail Zone" and leave that for MAX riders only. Making it fair for all riders of the system that will be riding from the eastside to the west as the Streetcar grows in size.

Unfortunately, with this plan, the Streetcar plans to charge more, MUCH more for a pass product. Currently the annual pass is $100 (or $8.33 month), the proposed pass will cost up to $45 a month. While it is a far cry from TriMets $81 pass that just increased double the usual price at fare increase time, for those in the NW or S Waterfront areas, it will be quite a jab in the wallet.

With all this, there is hope that better fare enforcement is coming, but there are no plans as of yet. Read Michaels entire entry, including the fare details on his site, Portland Afoot.

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