Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 Comes to a close

Well, its that time of year again, time for it to end. Seemed quick, and while I don't feel like I did much this year, looking back i actually did.

So this year biggest event to me was the approval of the CRC to save Metro (and my job), and that includes plans to dump the RFA by Oct.

While I visit Vancouver quite a bit, a highlight for the year was my visit Calgary for a couple of days (videos are here) and to Banff to take in some awesome views. Also had a one day visits to Spokane & Eugene for some transit riding.

A few other things to mention, the arrival of new buses, including Metros Orions & 60' Restyled New Flyers, and Sound Transit 60' non-hybrids.

Don't forget that Al visited us in Seattle, landmark event for him!!

I finally get to ride the West Coast Express Commuter Rail.

So, 2012? Sounder is supposed to extend to Lakewood next fall, major changes at Metro coming soon with routes drastically changing and the Ride Free Area vanishing, I'll be watching.

Below is the year end video looking back at this years filmings, don't forget to follow me on twitter if you don't for blurbs from my travels out and about. Thanks to you for reading and watching, have a great 2012!

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