Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Daimler exits transit bus market, End of Orions

Daimler Buses is merging with MCI.  In an article from Marketwatch today, Orions will cease to exist after all current orders are filled.  Daimler with MCI wants to focus more on its motorcoach business.  Orders for Orions had to be in by yesterday.

This means the Orions Metro is receiving (7000s) will be collectors items, after we receive the remainder of our order, no more will come in. The Ontario plant will close, and the New York plant will be for service and parts only, as Daimler promises to continue to provide support.  The company is not disappearing....yet, so this seems good for now.

Being that I believe that Metro has what they need on order, the next order of 40' coaches wont be for a while, but it does mean they will have to look elsewhere for the 30' replacements.

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