Monday, November 15, 2010

Fellow Transit Bloggers Link Update

The blogasphere has been changing quite a bit lately. I have a handful of new blogs linking to me, so I have updated the links list with some new blogs. I hope these blogs live on.

Read on to check out some details about the blogs in the Links list to the right.

Ranting Al, or Al Margulies is a mini run operator at TriMet. He offers transit news, and his point of view on not only TriMet, but other happenings around the country, and world. Checkout his Rantings at long run blog Rantings of a TriMet Bus Driver.

Adron Hall, Portland Transit blogger that has since moved here to Seattle offers the Transit Slueth blog of his travels, and his opinions of those travels. He also examines transportation issues surrounding the Puget Sound Area.

Carla Saulter, formally a blog writer for the Seattle PI has now turned her focus to her own blog, Bus Chick. She promotes the Car-Free Travels of Seattle.

Eva, another TriMet Operator used to run a popular Light Rail & I blog, now runs a blog about her life, but still includes much of her transit interactions and opinions. While still struggling with a catchy blog title, It is In Short: Her Life.

Camelopardalis, has recently started a new blog MAX FAQs. While the main purpose was to focus on facts about Portland's Light Rail system, it has sort of steered towards editorials about TriMet in all capacities.

Michael Anderson has started a new online-zine type site, Portland Afoot which is PDX's 10 minute newsmagazine on buses, bikes and low-car life.

Jeff Welch, A Metro Part Time Operator has the informative blog about Metro happenings, Puget Sound Transit Operators mostly gears it posts to operators, but visit the popular Ask a Bus Driver section to view questions, and submit your own question you have always wondered about.

Cameron Johnson, a young TriMet rider recently started his blog Ravings of a TriMet Ally, he tries to find the upside to TriMet in a blog world that seems to focus on the unavoidable to notice fails TriMet is doing.

Rebels by Bus is a blog by Gail and Mary, how find their ways around the Puget Sound, and beyond completely on Public Transit. Defiantly a interesting and fun read.

Rose City Transit, work of Jason McHuff hosts much history and facts about TriMet, and a trial system of a map style transit tracker. Also check out his live Steel Bridge Camera.

Dave from Dave Knows Portland and Heather of Mile73 started TriMet Diaries, a place to share the amusing, amazing and horrifying tales gleaned by riding public transit in the Portland area.

Oh, and don't forget to check in on this blog too =)

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Michael Andersen said...

Hey, thanks a lot for the shout, Chad! I never miss your posts.