Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Parking, Lazyness?

Went to Washington Square Mall today to trade in my Apple Mouse. Upon my departure, I noticed a bit of a parking fiasco, who can get the closest spot. Theres a car waiting for a spot 3 spots from the end, meanwhile theres a wide open spot 6 spots from the end. When I went to pull out of my spot, 4 from end (was wide open upon my arrival) theres a car signaling for the space, while she waits in between 4 open spaces, just 2 spots farther. Are we so lazy that we must wait for a spot 12 feet closer? I have parked 10 spaces away from a car signaling for a closer spot, and walked pass them while they are still waiting for that spot! LAzy America, we have hatches that open and close automatically, and van doors that do the same, come on, it won't kill you to walk an extra 24 feet at the mall.

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