Thursday, April 9, 2009

Virgin Megastore San Francisco + Music Stores

Recently I was able to make one last visit to SF Virgin Megastore. This is the last of my favorite (chain) Music Stores to depart. Although, I would have to say this was my favorite. I have always wanted to visit the Times Square location, but never got to, and never will now that it closed March 30th. The sad thing is Virgin was not victim to the downloading craze. Virgin actually turned a profit. So why are they closing? 2 Real Estate companies (Vornado and Reality Trust) bought Virgin, with one goal in mind, to have the retail space. Virgin in NYTS was renting fro $54/sq ft. They figured "We can make more money on that space!". So Disney was in line for the spot, them backed out, yay Virgin gets to stay. Not, Forever 21 has expressed interest in the spot, so now, Virgin is out. Forever 21 will be paying upwards of $320/sq ft! That is the ONLY reason Virgin was booted. It was known that is the TS location ever closed, the rest would follow, and so it does. This is the greed that has taken this country over, I hope Forever 21 fails in that location, and that Vornado is left with empty retail space for a long time to come. Its the same thing with Tower Records, a company that liquidates store won the bid after FYE tried many times to outbid them, these greedy business bastards are shuttering what some of us out there still love. The Tower in Portland also turned a profit, I was told by the Manager. In Portland, there are NO decent music stores. Music Millennium is retail, and hardly ever had a good sale, the selection is hit and miss. Everyday Music are scam artists, pay you 0.25-4 bucks for a CD, and sell it for 8.50, not matter what they paid. Borders isn't what it used to be. In Seattle Easy Street gets my vote, but thats about it. In San Francisco, its a toss between Rasputin and Amobea, they both host good selection and good prices, its the used thats a toss up. But you can't really blame either too much, because its where the people sell their music that determines what they have on hand. Finding Imports, or hard to find music, or even something one thinks is popular, Virgin always had it, all these others, sometimes. And to clear up the online buying craze, i participate, but it is not the same as going to one of these places. Virgin, you will be missed! Thank you!

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