Thursday, June 18, 2009

2 Bloggers meet, Provides more insight

I was on this trip, and as i write this the videos I took are converting and will be on YouTube by the end of the day. I am happy this took place, it provided different views on the whole picture of transit. You never really notice all the services that are not trying to turn a profit, but sit in the background unnoticed, except transit. IT is something many rely on to get to work. I once had no car, work, groceries, anything I wanted to do, I depended on that bus. What if everyone who takes the buses can no longer, they will drive. Could you imagine our roads then? Whoa!! In light of the service cuts relays back to the time I had no car. This line, 67, goes thru a major area that will NOT have nearby service, leaving some stranded. As mentioned in the videos, people plan to move places based on how easy it is to get to where they need to, if that carpet is pulled from under you, now what? Its more than just trying to save money, it providing service people count on, depend on. It was an overall good experience to listen to these two bloggers talk about transit life, I hope we all get to meet again.

Read Joseph Roses entry here: Riding the 67 with Al

Watch the video I made of it Here

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