Friday, November 20, 2009

Banta up for job at Phoenix Transit Agency, Bad Move?

Read the Oregonian story here.

I have heard some people mention Banta is better than Hansen. but is he? He is not chomping at the bit to save bus service? Although he has proposed a Management Shake-up, which is put on hold....WHY? Are we trying to save money later, and not now? Retention Bonus? Really? These big headed ego idiots don't DESERVE a retention bonus, let alone that much salary. $185k plus Bonus = over $200k. They are not doing a good job, there for no bonuses should be awarded. And non-union employees are on a wage freeze, but the bonus is exempt!!

It is time to turn TriMet on its head. Fred Hansen, out of a job, this agency needs to be watched. No one is keeping tabs on operational proposals and implementations, no one is keep tabs on the General Manager, what is he doing, where is he going, how much money is he spending. The GM and Board of Directors all need to be kicked out and turn into elected parties. Of course Hansen doesn't like it, he would lose his government appointed support. But thats too bad, this should be about what the people want. All (rail) projects should be put to a vote! It involves spending a large amount of taxpayer dollars, in which the taxpayers have NO say in. I think a petitioner would have more than enough support to place MAX on the ballot, and possibly to overturn the BOD.

TriMet WAS going to have Management restructuring, but "is holding off", WHY????? I want to know!!! By the way, all management employees should be taking a bigger pay cut, if they can't provide the services they are in the business to provide, they should be making less. Tie it to bus service, if service gets cut, so does everyones salary, watch the debate process heat up then!