Monday, November 23, 2009

A Light Rail Operator invites you to try her job before judging ...

UPDATE: Unfortunately the author of the PDX Trains Light Rail blog is no longer blogging at that site, and the story is not accessible.

Read Come Walk in My shoes over at "Light Rail & I, a Love story 28 Years in the Making".

I, again, invite you to watch my "Idiots" Video to see a very little slice of what they put up with every day. Where I have never filmed, Pioneer Square, is where I see most of the Idiots from the outside! Any of you should know if you drive an auto on the roads, theres the people who cut you off, fail to signal and block the road, Imagine dealing with that 8-10 hours a day. Read her entry, it makes a good point.

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J said...

That's probably my favorite thing about the Type 4s - passengers can see the sort of things operators have to deal with and (hopefully) not do the same things themselves. I also love the old TriMet tv episode that interviewed (then) rail operator Donna Popi one evening as she operates along the Banfield & through downtown - they got footage of one guy about to walk in front of the train as she says that she doesn't know a rail or bus operator who doesn't save someone's life every day. And it's true. There'd be countless more accidents if the operators weren't so good at what they do.