Thursday, April 30, 2009


Parking Meter Arrival

They finally installed the parking meters across the street.  Why do I say finally?  Because there are people whom live in my building that abuse it.  But anyways, heres some pics from the install as viewed from my building.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ego MAX Strikes again

The MAX Signal has just turned Red, the traffic signal and walk signals are a go, but what you don't see is the Yellow Line MAX to my right that plows through the intersection.  People started to cross the street, and almost had a run in with the train.  By time the train had passed, the walk signal was done and the light was red, and cross traffic now had the go ahead.  I have reported this thing before, yet it keeps happening, why?  Maybe it was what happened up at Goose hollow last night, MAX drivers need to obey signals! If you miss it, Call it again, and keep the roads SAFE!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


On Friday my new Orca Card arrived. ORCA (One Card for All) is very much like Translink in the Bay Area. ORCA is for the Puget Sound Area Transit and Ferries. The cards contain a chip that readers at the entrances of buses, streetcars, subway cars and subway entrances read and deduct fare, like it was a transit debit card. You can load fare online or over the phone. In SF you can load at a machine as well. The card has a chip in it, with a loop that goes around the edge of the card, but the card is a harder plastic, so its somewhat durable. This card makes boarding faster, no fumbling with change, you can even store a monthly pass on it. You also don't even have to remove it from your wallet to tag. Supposedly it remembers transfers as well, it will give you 2 hours to transfer for free, which in turn made the Puget Sound Area agencies decide to dump transfers this fall as a result. If you want to pay cash, it will be just like Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, North County (San Diego) Transit District, VTA, and Eugene, you will have to pay the adult fare EVERY time you board a vehicle. I do wish, however, that as a result, The PS agencies need to look at what the other ones i mentioned are doing, offer a cash day pass. The ultimate goal will be to get everyone on board with the card, which is free right now, but will cost $5 in the coming future. Next time I go to Seattle, which will be soon I hope, I will give it a try. I have a Translink card, and it is nice to use, and easy!

Fare Media From the West Coast

A few I have laying around, but its fun to see what other agencies use, and typically none are the same.

Day Pass from Los Angeles Metro Transit.

From the Seattle Area, the Orange are Time Sensitive Tickets for the Sounder, the Yellow are "Round Trip" tickets, which many people do not know function as a day pass on all of Seattles' Transit up to face value for only double the one-way cost of the ticket.

From the Bay Area, Clockwise is a VTA Day Pass, A SF Muni Monthly Pass, Bart Ticket, CalTrain Day Pass and Upgrade, AC Transit Tranfers

A TriMet Fare Media Visit

A small travel in time, TriMet Fare Media, Passes and Tickets.

Rider Information

Good thing I knew where I was going, since this would be no help......

I meet AL

On Friday I surprised AL by riding his route. It also gave chance for many of the bloggers out there to find out a little bit about me. It was a good time, I hope make another couple of trips out there, and to someday meet the rest of the Portland and Seattle bloggers that Al is connected to. I feel like this is something that I fit with, its something I have a passion for, and its cool to know there are others out there thats share that same interests.

And for my grand visit, this was our carriage, which sounded like a wooden roller coaster when braking:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Transit Photos

So I will still post some of my new photos here, but I am putting together a Transit Photo Website for you to enjoy. Check it out at

I still will be on here to blah into the world....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Parking, Lazyness?

Went to Washington Square Mall today to trade in my Apple Mouse. Upon my departure, I noticed a bit of a parking fiasco, who can get the closest spot. Theres a car waiting for a spot 3 spots from the end, meanwhile theres a wide open spot 6 spots from the end. When I went to pull out of my spot, 4 from end (was wide open upon my arrival) theres a car signaling for the space, while she waits in between 4 open spaces, just 2 spots farther. Are we so lazy that we must wait for a spot 12 feet closer? I have parked 10 spaces away from a car signaling for a closer spot, and walked pass them while they are still waiting for that spot! LAzy America, we have hatches that open and close automatically, and van doors that do the same, come on, it won't kill you to walk an extra 24 feet at the mall.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Portland Police bored?

So last night, I get pulled over to SE Water Ave by a Portland Police Officer. He comes up, asks for insurance and DL, and asks why it SEEMED I went through the Grand Ave light fast. (I was traveling Westbound to SE Stark from having the best pizza in town at Flying Pie). He tells me it looks like I went through the light fast, the facts, we cleared the green light at 36 mph. The light was about to change as indicated by the flashing Don't Walk hand, however, I never saw the yellow light, even though he proceeded to inform me of the yellow light laws of Oregon. He was nice enough not issue a ticket, but we did wonder for what exactly? He had to proof of my speed since he was coming from Grand Ave, and the light was green?? Aaron is wondering if he had anything else better to do, it seemed like a waste of time. I am not too worried since i got nothing but a verbal warning, but I was just lost at what the REAL problem was....

Friday, April 10, 2009

(GI) Joes Departure

Another big Portland retailer is leaving. More commonly known as G.I. Joes is starting its closing sale today. All stores to be shuttered by the end of June. This is another blow to the Portland area, we lost Circuit City recently, which has left some empty spaces, now imagine GI Joes gone from the landscape. Left and Right places are folding up, because of various reasons, but they all seem to trace back to the management poorly running the company. Gottshalks, which has some stores in rural places and in Oregon is also slated to close. Maybe this is a time for the mom and pop shops to make a comeback, or open your own small business selling Sports gear at reasonable prices. If I had the money, I would open my own music shop here in Portland, and bring back what we miss about Tower, except the (list) prices. So after GI Joes closes, the only question is....whos next?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Virgin Megastore San Francisco + Music Stores

Recently I was able to make one last visit to SF Virgin Megastore. This is the last of my favorite (chain) Music Stores to depart. Although, I would have to say this was my favorite. I have always wanted to visit the Times Square location, but never got to, and never will now that it closed March 30th. The sad thing is Virgin was not victim to the downloading craze. Virgin actually turned a profit. So why are they closing? 2 Real Estate companies (Vornado and Reality Trust) bought Virgin, with one goal in mind, to have the retail space. Virgin in NYTS was renting fro $54/sq ft. They figured "We can make more money on that space!". So Disney was in line for the spot, them backed out, yay Virgin gets to stay. Not, Forever 21 has expressed interest in the spot, so now, Virgin is out. Forever 21 will be paying upwards of $320/sq ft! That is the ONLY reason Virgin was booted. It was known that is the TS location ever closed, the rest would follow, and so it does. This is the greed that has taken this country over, I hope Forever 21 fails in that location, and that Vornado is left with empty retail space for a long time to come. Its the same thing with Tower Records, a company that liquidates store won the bid after FYE tried many times to outbid them, these greedy business bastards are shuttering what some of us out there still love. The Tower in Portland also turned a profit, I was told by the Manager. In Portland, there are NO decent music stores. Music Millennium is retail, and hardly ever had a good sale, the selection is hit and miss. Everyday Music are scam artists, pay you 0.25-4 bucks for a CD, and sell it for 8.50, not matter what they paid. Borders isn't what it used to be. In Seattle Easy Street gets my vote, but thats about it. In San Francisco, its a toss between Rasputin and Amobea, they both host good selection and good prices, its the used thats a toss up. But you can't really blame either too much, because its where the people sell their music that determines what they have on hand. Finding Imports, or hard to find music, or even something one thinks is popular, Virgin always had it, all these others, sometimes. And to clear up the online buying craze, i participate, but it is not the same as going to one of these places. Virgin, you will be missed! Thank you!

Merin Headlands Visit (Near SF)

Recent Bay Area Transit

Around Portland Last Monday

Haha, Machine was broken, so the new Human Interaction Machines were being used.

Some Recent TriMet Photos

Opening Shop

Hello, this is a new blog of mine.  I have a place to post videos, but i need a place to post photos, speak my mind, or whatever doesn't fit the YouTube profile.  Hopefully I'll keep up on this, but in the next few days, I will be posting in backlog, since I should have started this long time ago. Thanks for reading!