Friday, January 1, 2010

Over the Holidays

I have been out and about. Some events have happened, and some changes I noticed.

I went to Seattle and purchased my last (System) Day Pass as we know it. The tickets changed. The far left was the original pass/ticket, the middle is the Puget Day Pass (no longer available), the last is a Timed upgrade ticket. So now when you buy a one-way ticket this is what you get. You can still purchase a day pass, but it is only valid on the system of whoms TVM you got it from. For example, The Day Pass pictured was for LINK, meaning I can have Day Pass privileges on LINK only, it can not be used on the bus or Sounder.

TriMet and their damn ticket machines. At what point are they going to realize these machines suck, and stop buying them! At Powell, Holgate and Clackamas TC, ALL the ticket machines had this message this day! Cash only. San Diego & Seattle have nice functioning machines, You never hear about their problems in the Media.

I feel honored! New Flyer has posted a story about Community Transit launching Swift BRT Service. They have included a video of the opening events on their website, which was mine. Theres no higher compliment in my opinion.

Last two things I want to touch on, The Oregonians attack on TriMet employees Health Care, but first the little snow storm a few days ago. Man the finger pointing flew! The city blames the residents, TriMet blames the weatherman, The people blame the city and TriMet. This is an issue of accountability. Everyone should be prepared for anything. Where do I point he finger? It certainly isn't the weatherman! TriMet should have made a better judgement call, but failed to do so, stranding many. When poor weather presents itself, more rely on Public Transit, what good is it if it is not getting anywhere. The City should have the deicing/snow crews ready anytime the temps are low, dry or not. Sure, some of this was the people, who thought they should dive in their cars and try to get home. I am sure this was yet another lesson not learned.

The Oregonian published many stories and editorials in regards to TriMets Union Employees Health benefits. A Letter to the Editor says things are not always what they seem. The Health Care Needs to be put in with everything else the employees receive, such as wages, time off and other benefits, which creates the "Total benefit package" and compare that. Transit agencies have been scrutinized more than ever this year, I think we need to take a closer look at what management is doing, and why everything is screwed up to begin with. The employees do what their told by the managers, so it always falls back on them. If its screwed up, blame management. And why isn't Fred being held to a higher standard? Where is he, what is he doing, how much money is he spending? I think THAT is what the media needs to focus on.

Finally, Just a few days left on the Steve Banta poll on the right, If you are familiar with his work, please vote on the job you think he did with TriMet.

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