Friday, January 29, 2010

Service Changes all around

A Large percentage of west coast agencies are making reductions and fare increases as the recession plugs on, contrary to economists beliefs. In California, All State funds for transit are gone, in California and Washington lowered sales tax revenue from less spending is a factor. In Oregon, money is relied upon payroll taxes, tied directly to jobs. Heres a short run down of some agencies that have made some changes recently, or are making big changes in the coming weeks:

Community Transit, Everett Wa, (Snohomish County) has proposed dumping Sunday service and a fare increase...."temporarily".

King County Metro, Seattle Wa, has huge changes, including the elimination of Route 194 & direct service to SeaTac Airport, and a list of route changes.

Sound Transit, Seattle Wa, has some minor changes to bus service, and no changes to Sounder or Link service.

Pierce Transit, Tacoma Wa has many changes to its lines, mainly trip and route changes from low ridership.

TriMet, Portland Or, will be proposing some more cuts next month to take effect this spring, I will post them when they become available.

AC Transit, Oakland Ca, has plans to streamline service, or known as changing routes and discontinuing service.

SF Muni, San Francisco Ca has made proposals to chop more service, and raise some pass prices.

SamTrans, San Mateo Ca is raising fares one year later after the last increase.

OCTA, Orange, Ca (Orange County) has big plans for route reductions and eliminations.

San Diego MTS, San Diego, Ca will make huge reductions to mainly Sunday service, with some Saturday and weekday mid-day reductions.

Valley Metro, Phoneix Az has also recently made changes that included reductions in service.

This was some of the major changes being made, many other agencies are adding, tweeking, or shifting service around without many reductions or fare changes.

On a final positive note, Intercity Transit in Olympia Washington was awarded the APTA Best Mid-Sized Transit Agency last year.

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Jason McHuff said...

I like what SFMTA did with the floating table header on their service changes tables, and the "The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) manages transportation in San Francisco, California" footer--isn't managing transportation in San Francisco what a San Francisco transportation agency is supposed to do? (I guess it could be worse if they had e.g. "management" in their name).

But I see that they are cutting half of their owl service, going from 30 minutes to 60. And overall, a good round up to show that we are not alone.