Monday, February 22, 2010

Customer Service is available, sometimes

Over this last weekend, I went up to C-Tran land for Happy Hour. I took Line 4 to Line 3B. Well, for some reason I-5 was backed up like a Friday afternoon (on a Saturday) and we got in to Downtown Vancouver at 4:00p, the 3B leaves at 4:02p, but it left at 4:01p and chose not to wait for 1) his scheduled time to depart and 2) a bus coming up behind him. I thought I'd call the ride number to report it......someone ANSWERED! Thats right, little 'ol C-Tran mans the phones on weekends!!! In chatting with a fellow blogger, I looked how other transit agencies match up in this area. Now because a certain someone a few of us know, swears by "Ridership by Capita", because it puts TriMet higher in ranks, we will use that data in order for the following hours of operations list (as of date this was written):

1 New York City (MTA) Open 9a-5p weekdays, relies heavily on the website for info
2 San Francisco Bay Area (511) (MUNI, BART, and others) open 24 hours every day
3 Wash DC (WAMTA) 6a-8:30p M-F, 7a-8:30p SS
4 Honolulu (Bus) 5a-10p everyday
5 Boston (MBTA) 6:30a-8p, 7:30a-6p SS
6 Chicago (CTA) 4:45a-1a everyday
7 Portland (TriMet) 7:30a-5:30a M-F Only, (C-Tran) 6a-7p M-F, 8a-5p SSH
8 Philadelphia (SEPTA) 6a-8p M-F, 8a-6p SS
9 Seattle (King County Metro) 5a-10p M-F, 8a-7p SS Closed Holidays
10 Los Angeles/Orange County (Metro) 24 Hours everyday
11 Baltimore (MTA) 6a-7p M-F only
12 Las Vegas (RTA) No Hours could be found
13 Denver (RTD) 6a-8p M-F, 9a-6p SSH
14 Salt Lake City (UTA) 6a-7p M-Sa, Closed Sundays
15 Atlanta (MARTA) 6a-11p M-F, 8a-10p SSH

So in comparison, The largest Transit agency has banker hours, but they run all the time for the most part, but as you can see, out of the top 15, most are open everyday, because they provide service, everyday. If a little agency like C-tran can be open on weekends, and 11 other agencies with higher AND lower ridership can be open for service on weekends, so should TriMet, end of story!

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