Saturday, April 30, 2011

Community Transits CEO explains her side

Watch this video from the Puget Sounds highest paid transit CEO:

My Response: She continues to blame the recession for another round of cuts in February. She shows the sales tax revenues dropping, but in the last year, the decline was small, and some how that still yields a 20% cut. She says bus purchases were delayed, they are receiving new buses, much of which are funded from elsewhere. She's prepared to support growth of Snohomish County, with bus cuts? She also mentions ridership has declined, wonder why, oh right, no Sunday service. The interview between Emmett and her say the recession appears to have no end in sight, yet they are projecting higher sales tax revenues. Buy Local for transit: this only works if those who depend on transit can get around on transit, say for example, on Sundays. She again says the revenues do not look like they are coming back, despite the projections.

She promises Responsibility for today, but in this video, she was never specific on what they have cut internally, upper management wise. I think a 20% pay cut is in order for Admin and Execs, see how that adds up!


Max said...

:21 - Wow, she has a barbed wire necklace? That's pretty hard core!

I think her explanation of the farebox revenue was really confusing/misleading. She should have said "For every dollar of service provided, only 15 cents is provided by farebox revenue."

My thoughts after seeing this video are: you say you're going to cut similar to last time. Does that mean you will be also cutting Saturday service?

Nicholas Barnard said...

ugh. So, the faux-interview was just horrendous. Really?

I'm curious punkrawker, do you have a link to a comparison of puget sound transit CEOs?

punkrawker4783 said...

Yes, see my blog post from about a year ago

It might be slightly out of date, the the ranking more than likely is still correct.

Unknown said...

I thought you had the list of salaries. If so, you could provide a total dollar savings of what a 20 percent cut in admin salaries would total up to.