Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Save the Date - Adron Halls Transit Beer: Seattle Edition

February 26, 2011. Transit Beer is something local blogger Adron Hall started a few years ago in Portland. Its an informal get together of the local transit blogging community. Thats people who write, read and love talking transit. We usually go to a local establishment where you can order food and drinks, and converse.

This will be a chance for many of you Seattle readers to meet Adron, the writer behind Transit Sleuth and a chance to meet me. Also special guest from Portland, the TriMet driver and ranter himself, Al M will be there.

The place for this is at the Frontier Room, Belltown Seattle. Use the map below to get directions, be sure to select "By Transit".

I would love for my Twitter readers/followers, blog readers, and everyone I talk transit with to come on down and say Hi. There is no agenda, just come by, sit down, grab a bite, and have fun! Do let me know if you might make it, we will need to know how much space we might need. You can RSVP to the event here. If your not a Facebook user, you can leave a comment to this post.

Hope to meet some of you, and to chat with some of my longtime readers!


Unknown said...

Finally one that I can make! I am there! :)

Anonymous said...

Is this the time when Al is coming up? I'd like to be there for sure. Make sure we get a reminder?

Anonymous said...

Oh - a vote for the Frontier Room in Belltown. Bar B Q!

Adron said...

Alright, the link is up with official announcement and all that jazz - go pick a place in the poll! :)

Al M said...

Really looking forward to this reunion!