Thursday, February 10, 2011

TransLink the leader in Social Media?

In the last few months, TransLink, Vancouver BC's transit provider, has staffed a person to run their Twitter account. It is typically updated from 6:30am to 11:30pm every day. The service comes from the customer service call centre, with one morning person and one afternoon person monitoring and sending out messages from the account. They send out reroute info, tips for riding, and upcoming transit changes. You can also send them a message, and they will respond to you very quickly.

As of right now it is a pilot program, that keeps getting extended month after month. I follow this account and its great to see what they are doing. Closer to home, Metro is trying, alerts get out about reroutes and issues, but what if they did the same thing Translink is doing? Although, I have reason to suspect if Metro had the level of activity as Translink, a few STB bloggers will still find something wrong with it. I think its a great idea, as I have mentioned before, this is a platform that people use, and its great to see Translink take it to the next level.

You can read about the project, submit your feedback, and look at stats of the first month of the project on their blog.

Update: This project is now permanent!


David Marlor said...

The Translink Twitter account has now been made permanent.

punkrawker4783 said...

The last line of the entry has that update since it happened over the weekend when I was there. =)