Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Changes coming for the New Year

So, a lot is changing or coming for the new year, heres a run down:

TriMet is chopping Fareless Square to the "Free Rail Zone", oddly, the announcements already reflect the new name.

TriMet Line 15 will travel on 21st Ave instead of 23rd ave while some sewer construction goes on (Seriously, MORE "Lets keep people out of Downtown" construction, City of Portland knows how to keep stuff screwed up)

Free Service on TriMet only after 8pm on New Years Eve until the end of Service. (Not a change, but worth mentioning)

ORCA is being turned into an absolute. Transfers are history (Except KCM, within KCM routes only). Also Day Passes are restricted or eliminated. KCM is eliminating the Weekend Day Pass. The Round Trip pass you purchase from a Sounder or Link TVM will only be valid as a Day Pass on the service in which machine you bought it from. For example, a Link RT Ticket is good as a Day Pass on Link ONLY, there are no transfer privileges with it, and you can not upgrade it on Sounder. Sounder Day Passes are good on Sounder only. I personally think they screwed up doing this, because if it was an effort to save money, fares would be going up. KCM transfers will be valid on KCM routes only. They are NOT valid on Sound Transit or Link, this includes Metro Operated ST Routes. Monthly Passes are only available on ORCA. Orca cards are free until 1/31.

KCM Service Changes early next year, including the discontinuation of Route 194.

KCM RapidRide still scheduled for early 2010 start.

SF Muni Adult Monthly FastPass will Rise $15 to $70, this pass has risen $25 over the course of the last year. A New "M" pass will be available for $55 and will not be valid on BART. Visitor Passports (Daypasses) are also rising $2. Fares also rose this last year to $2, a 0.50 increase, Transfers were retained.

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The Mass Transit Guru said...

Also worth a mention Chad, San Diego MTS voted to eliminate a lot of service on Sunday's some parts will go from 30min service to every 60min, and Chula Vista Transit is loosing most of its Sunday service. Fares arent going up this time around.