Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Random Rant

This is a rant of my recent travels about the city:

-The traffic lights could be better programmed by kindergartners! Heres comes a herd of traffic, nows a good time to change. The Transit mall lights are all screwed up, cross traffic sometimes gets out of sync lights. (Front Ave is also a prime example of stupid lights)

-Construction, Construction, Construction, Theres so much of it, you almost can not get around town with out a detour. On the inner Eastside, they close streets with no warning, one day it could be closed, the next day its open, come on! And a detour on Burnside at Rush Hour, how dumb are these idiots!

-F'ing Parking meters, used to be a quarter was the minimum (still is in the Lloyd Center Area), now its $0.40, some damn consistency please! Using my card for a $0.40 Meter costs more than a $0.25 minimum.

-MAX at Rose Quarter, just because MAX is late doesn't mean motorists should have to wait FIVE minutes to make a left turn, F@#K MAX Signal Priority!! They can wait 30 seconds so we can get on our merry way. MAX is NOT environmentally friendly when its causing cars to idle for prolonged periods!

-Attention Bicyclists and Pedestrians, Wearing all black (or dark colors) in the dark will cause you to almost get hit!!!! I cant friggin see you in the dark!

-Subaru Wagons and Priuses! Need I say more, keep these slugs off the road.

-The people on street corners looking for "Donations for a cause", Shooo, leave me the hell alone!

-The citys ongoing mission to spend money on anything but Potholes!

-Smart Park charging you for 2 hours, when your parked for 1 hour and 9 minutes.

Driving...or going out in this town is becoming riskier every day. Not to mention, the citizens that operate on the convenience factor, they want every thing for this city (environmental crap), but only when it works for them.