Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Look-out...its the FREE RAIL ZONE, Coming Soon!

Free Rail Zone

In January, Fareless Square becomes the "Free Rail Zone"

Free Rail Zone iconAs of January 3, 2010, Fareless Square will become a free zone for rail only. That means you can still ride MAX and Portland Streetcar for free in downtown Portland and the Lloyd District, but not buses. To help communicate this important change, we're changing the name of the zone to "Free Rail Zone."

The Free Rail Zone will have the same boundaries as Fareless Square: Most of downtown Portland (within the boundaries of the Willamette River, NW Irving Street, and I-405) and MAX stations from the Rose Quarter to the Lloyd District.

This winter, we'll be adding new Free Rail Zone emblems on customer information displays at rail stations within the zone boundary.

To help our Honored Citizen riders who live in downtown Portland, TriMet is offering a newdowntown-only bus pass.

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