Friday, April 9, 2010

The Move & an Anniversary

As it has been mentioned a time or 6, I am moving to Seattle this weekend. A move I have actually tried for for a few years, but never succeeded. I have even been to a job interview in Seattle for the vary same place that kicked me to the curb 16 months ago here in Portland. Now I have a reason to go, tho the timing is a bit off, but I will make do. I take with me my blog, which I will continue since I have been covering from Seattle to San Diego. My videos will see a change, more will be from Seattle, but you might see those pesky Portland ones show up every now and again since it is so close and easy to visit. I hope to not lose touch with my fellow Portland Bloggers, I might even make a Transit Beer, if one should surface again soon. Maybe I will meet some new bloggers, only to make transit blogging stronger, and more fun.

I never blogged from my starting point of San Diego California, but thats where the transit interest began. I rode NCTD route 341 everyday to school my Senior year of High School (the route has since been changed), took the Coaster train at least 2 Saturdays a month, in which involved transferring to the Trolley in San Diego. The Coaster just turned 15 years old last month. I remember when the trains were only 3 cars long, and it was $7 for a Round-Trip. Don't forget you could get a $1.50 discount for having a transfer. I used to ride Amtrak, and Metrolink to Orange County, to ride a few routes on OCTA. That was 9 years ago, Boy does time pass. Now, my blog here, turns 1 today. That's right, if you look at the archives, the first post was April 9th last year. My friends thought the blog would not last a month, tops. Now I have readers like you who stop by and check-in, read my rants and raves, and watch my videos. If it wasn't for you, the blog may have not lasted long. I am glad it did, It is fun for me, and I hope its fun for you. Now lets see if it will last another year.

See you from Seattle, once I take a week to get settled in.

Thanks for reading!

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Al M said...

See you in Seattle!