Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sound Transit Considers Fare Increase, Community Transit Cuts service

Sound Transit is considering a Fare increase for its services. 2005 was the last fare increase for ST, while the surrounding 3 agencies in which areas ST serves have done so 2-3 times in the same time frame. They are looking to make County line fares instead of Zone fares. There will be one fare to travel within county lines ($2.50), and another to cross them ($3.50). The also want to raise (in my opinion) the already overpriced LINK fares as well by $0.25. Sounder fares seem to not be included in this fare increase. The info is here, along with ways for the public to comment.

Also, Community Transit has decided to slash Sunday Service! Looking to close a $16 million gap in the next 2 years, Community Transits CEO thinks this was the best course, that will effect the least amount of riders. Even the new Swift service will not run on Sundays. This includes days a Sunday Schedule would normally be ran. Also the Local fares will increase by $0.25. In addition, many changes were made to local and commuter routes that mainly shortened them, or eliminated trips. The full story and info is on their website. I don't really know what to think yet, since no one can find CEO Joyce Eleanor's Salary. I am guessing it would make people sick if its kept such a secret. The budget says there are 8.5 people in the "Board of Directors and Executive" Positions. With a 2010 Staffing budget of $1,407,602, thats 165,600 each. Although, I doubt everyone makes that wage equally.

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