Friday, April 23, 2010

Sound Transit Board approves Fare increase

April 22 , 2010

Simplified fare structure to go into effect June 1, 2010, June 2011

On April 22 the Sound Transit Board approved fare changes for ST Express bus and Link light rail services. These fare changes will:

  • Increase revenues in response to higher operating costs caused by inflation
  • Simplify the ST Express fare structure by eliminating the three-zone system, and
  • Bring fares more into alignment with other local transit agencies.

The proposal is two-phased, with one set of changes in June 1, 2010 and another in June 2011. ST Express bus fares have increased only once, in 2005, during the 11 years the service has operated.

Under the new structure, by 2011 there will be only two different fare levels, one for trips within the same county, and one for inter-county trips.

Effective June, ST Express fares will be as follows:

June 2010
June 2011
Adult$1.50-$3$2.00-$3.00$2.50 / $3.50
Youth$1-$2.50$1.00-$2.50$1.25 / $2.50
Senior/Disabled$.50-$1.50$0.75-$1.50$.75 / $1.50

The June 2011 $0.25 increase in Link light rail fare for adults will enable Sound Transit to generate the revenue needed to cover a larger portion of operating expenses while allowing for the flattening of Link light rail fares for youth and seniors.

Details on all of the fare changes can be found here:

2010 ST Express changes
All trips that cross a county line will be considered an inter-county trip equivalent to the current three zone fare. ST Express fares for some adult trips will increase by up to $0.50 in 2010, while fares for other trips will remain unchanged. There will be no changes for youth fares in 2010, with the exception that the current two-zone youth fare of $1.75 will change to $2.50 if the trip crosses a county line. Two- and three-zone senior and disabled fares will not change in 2010, except the current two-zone senior fare of $1.25 will change to $1.50 if the trip crosses a county line; one-zone trips will go up by $0.25.

2011 ST Express changes
Zone boundaries within King County will be eliminated. Adult fares will go up by $0.50 in June 2011, with the exception that there will be no fare change for trips that are currently two zones trips within one county. Adult fares under the simplified structure will be:

  • $2.50 for all in-county service
  • $3.50 for all inter-county service

For youths, two-zone fares will decrease by $0.50, while inter-county youth fares will not change and one-zone fares will go up $0.25. Youth fares under the simplified structure will be:

  • $1.25 for in-county service
  • $2.50 for inter-county service

For seniors and persons with disabilities, fares for trips currently classified as two zones will decrease by $0.50, while fares for all other trips will remain unchanged. Fares under the simplified structure will be:

  • $0.75 for in-county service
  • $1.50 for inter-county service

The new fare structure for Link is:

June 2011
$1.75 to $2.50
$2.00 to $2.75
$1.25 to $2.00
$0.75 to $1.25

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