Saturday, May 8, 2010

From Jacks Blog, Pull the Plug on new MAX

The Milwaukie line continues to press on, despite the rolling cutbacks TriMet continues to administer. If TriMet can barley afford to operate what they have now, how in the world do they expect to operate a new MAX line. Any more bus cuts, and TriMet may cease to exist. Jack Bog's Blog has a great editorial on the subject.

The light rail will be mostly useless as a "Total Transit System" if MAX has no bus service going to it. When TriMet can run the system with buses no older than 12 years old, restore service to levels they were at 5 years ago, or above, then they can PROPOSE the new MAX line again. Its time for one of these candidates to impose a public vote for big spending projects like this, I mean it IS our money, we should say how its spent. You know if that was the case, the schools would be the best in the country!

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