Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One region is taking Bike to Work week more seriously

Bike to Work week this week is sending a lot of buzz. Do you ride a bike to work? Well if you live in Portland, you may already do that, or you may part trip on MAX or a bus too. Here in Seattle, The buses have bike racks that can accommodate 3 bikes per bus. But how about Southern California? Unlike TriMet who runs from doing free rides or offers when possible, you can ride any San Diego MTA Bus, Trolley or the regional Coaster commuter rail for FREE if you ride your bike and conjunction it with transit this Friday. In that release they also tout how they have improved bike accessibility by adding bike trails, improving bridges and more. Los Angeles County transit agencies are also offering free rides on Thursday. As forward thinking as Portland *thinks* it is in biking, Free Transit for riders for one day should have been offered. I feel the same for Seattle, especially since we can get one more bike on most buses than many agencies offer, and we have LINK and Sounder that could have offered as well. It opens up the idea of trying the two together to see if it really works, and if not nothing lost, if it does, a new transit rider, which in the end, helps bring back service.

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