Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Poll Results: Fred Hansen is leaving

86% cant wait for the day in 6 weeks when Fred Hansen retires. Out he goes, out goes his progressive rail agenda, his ways of fattening the admin staff, and skipping bus improvements. But wait, is all that going to disappear with the new GM at the helm? The new poll asks just that, vote on it. What is dead sure, no one is dead set on him staying, that says something i think!

So happy, your speechless
13 (61%)
On the fence, maybe he should stay
3 (14%)
Sending him emails daily to convince him to stay
0 (0%)
Personally want to drive his last 17 to wish him good riddance
5 (23%)

1 comment:

Al M said...

Even though its a small sample, I bet its highly accurate!