Thursday, December 16, 2010

As 2010 comes to a close

Its another year in the books. Personally for me it was a year of a lot of changes. I have relocated from Portland to Seattle, and added driving transit to my frequent transit riding lifestyle. Without a doubt, TriMet is still a focus in my blog, now that I work with a similar company, its interesting to see the comparisons. I have started a twitter feed to send out my rants and raves on. I also want to thank some of the Seattle bloggers for the warm welcome, and partaking in my blogging adventures. Heres a look back at some of the highlights (and lowlights?) of 2010, plus, of course, a year-end video, my yearbook of some of my favorite videos made throughout the year.

Steve Banta departs TriMet, bonus in hand I have heard, for another Light Rail happy job in Phoenix.

The new leg of the Portland Streetcar, Eastside Loop, begins construction.

Metrolink gets new Commuter rail cars, to help improve safety.

Neil McFarlane is the new GM at TriMet, replacing Fred Hansen, although his approval rating is not as shiny as we were hoping for.

I take one last trip around Portland, Video-blogging my adventures before heading to Seattle and getting settled in for my new adventure.

I look into what local and regional Transit CEOs are making, some of the numbers were surprising!

While getting us all excited, TriMet orders new Hybrid buses!!! Shame its only 4.

I blog about what I think TriMet is doing wrong, twice, from being all sealed up to not spending money on buses.

Sound Transit takes delivery of new buses, While TriMet puts out a bond measure to buy more, and it fails in counties with cut service.

King County Metro Launches RapidRide, its first BRT line!

Let it snow, Let it snow...My first snow as a bus driver, and how I think Metro handled it. Have you signed up for alerts yet? Metro, TriMet

My idea of how to dump the Ride Free Area in Seattle.

King County Metro Drivers Ratify a new contract, only 18 days after expiration, TriMet Drivers still without one for almost 13 months now. But hey, after a long stint of hiring management only, now you too can be a TriMet bus driver, just apply!

A Translink Vancouver Trolley bus visits Seattle. Meanwhile Skytrain turns 25.

And how about some fun for the holidays eh? Translinks Reindeer bus is out and about!

Also, a recent run down of new and old transit blogs around the region. A new one to add, a blog by AdriC, Rantings of a Regular TriMet Rider. While it lacks in personally written articles at this point, its is actually a good round up of whats on other blogs, and seems to be regularly updated. Its added to the fellow bloggers list!

With that, I end 2010 and look into 2011's crystal ball.........Metro will get more new buses, start another BRT RapidRide Line, TriMets Orange Line will continue to help the public lose trust in the agency, and a classmate of mine that I think I am rubbing off on, I hope to see a blog out of him maybe someday.....I thank many of you who read this blog everyday, it gives good reason write, and have a little fun once in a while! Be Safe out there, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Welcome indeed. Keep up the good work!

The Mass Transit Guru said...

Come back to your hometown, and my hometown from time to time! Then again, transit-wise, stuff hasnt changed all that much lately.