Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SEPTA may strike by Weeks End

septa_graphic_20090311133825283_320_240.JPG.jpgSEPTA, or SouthEastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority, Serves the greater Philadelphia Area. Bus drivers, trolley and subway operators of the nations 6th largest transit system in the US have been without a contract since March 15, and negotiations are going nowhere. SEPTA Wants to freeze wages for 2 years, 2% increase the last 2 years (of the 4 year contract), 5% (of their paycheck) contributions to health care plans and freeze pension rates, while Unions want a 4% increase every year, keep the 1% contribution rate to health care and raise pension rates. A Strike is authorized by weeks end if no deal is made, set to strand thousands of baseball fans over the weekend. The last strike was 7 days long in 2005.

The full article is here.

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