Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Transit Trackers...Map Style

King County Metro actually has a Map Transit Tracker
The Tracker will open in a new window, you then can click on your route of choice and select "Route # Progress", which will show you where all buses on the line are, and the vehicle numbers.
The routes move in real time, and you can drag the map around to see different locations. You also limit the view to one, or just a few buses at the top of the window by typing in the routes you want to only see.

Jason McHuff is working on something similar for TriMet. See it Here.
You have to know your stop ID number, then the map will show you all the buses headed for it along with detailed information below the map. Check it out and poke around. Jason says its a work in progress, so its not prefect....yet.

(You can enter a Stop ID in the Box below and it will take you to Jasons TransitMapper showing the Stop info you entered)

Next vehicles to SW Macadam & Gaines Northbound (Stop ID 3611)

Select different stop(s):

As of Tuesday, October 27th 2009 12:15 PM:

Map #As ofLine/DestinationTrainDueEarly/lateMiles to go
112:14 PM35 University of Portland350112:28 PM -1:505.74
2*12:15 PM35 University of Portland350512:59 PM 0:0012.6
Note: 11 minute layover at Oregon City Transit Center at 12:11 PM
*N/A36 To Portland36677:40 AM Wed (scheduled)

* = Vehicle has not departed for this trip yet

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Al M said...

Jason deserves a bonus!
Hey FRED, give Jason a bonus will ya!!!

Adron said...

Jason doesn't actually work for TriMet... or does he?

punkrawker4783 said...

No, He does not.