Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The WES Failure

My favorite part, Mary Fetch "Just like your new car, things have bugs", My (new) car has had 1 bug in 19 months, give me a break!

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Adron said...

Not to give props to cars. But my Nissan 350Z from 2006 (before I sold it of course) had zero defects.

I drove it HARD. I drove it FAST. 15k miles of race car driving - mostly track conditions and some road conditions. Rough spots, pot holes, etc.

Zero defects.

It got backed into by a lady with a PT Cruiser, T-boned by a stop sign runner, and I accidentally drove it into the mountain on German Town Road (mind you, the gravel sucked)...

All minor repairs, zero actual defects. After ALL of those events the car was drivable.

Fact of the matter. WES should have had ZERO defects for at least a decade if not longer. The vehicles are used less than many people use their cars.

...again, this is an issue of private company interest in their reputation (Toyota, Honda, etc) and public companies that have a set funding source that can't be removed (TriMet - Income Tax, Governor, Government, etc). One is accountable to its customers. It screws up, it pays. The other is not, it is accountable to a small select group of people - often politicians. If they can sling the mud the right way, they'll get their hand outs.

But hey... that's what people keep voting in, so I guess in turn we deserve it right. A nice wonderful partially broken transit system. Yeah.