Monday, September 14, 2009

Observations of the Portland Mall Loop MAX Line

I was enjoying another Happy Hour visit at The Original Dinerant, I love this place, absolutely NOTHING is good for you, but it sooo good. It is Home of the VooDoo Doughnut Burger.
While enjoying a Happy Hour "Dog of the Day", the Portland Mall MAX Loop train cruised on by. The first swing around was shortly after 5 pm. The Union Station Bound train had 3 people on it, not including the operator. The next swing around was about 30 min later, 8 people on this one. It was a one car type 2 train circling round n' round.
Shortly after 6pm it makes its final appearance for the day, as a Green Line Train to Gateway TC, which actually goes to Ruby Jct per the announcement the operator made. I dunno, but to me this whole ordeal doesn't seem to fit in. The Green and Yellow Line trains run every 7 min, why do we need this circular? Theres no Lloyd Center to Galleria Circular.
And 2 ticket machines were out of service at this stop (Oak) and at PSU already. Also in waiting for a return train to PSU, we rattled and shook all the goodies at the stop, The chairs are almost like the turtles on springs at the playground, the Transit Tracker TV is low enough to scribble a "Z" on with my mail key (though I did not), it also held up by a somewhat flimsy pole on one side of the ticket machine. The chairs attached to glass wobble anytime someone gets up from it. I am starting to wonder if the design was ideal for the mall.....the shelters are a bit odd, not to mention they dont match the "Windscreens". Lastly, the friggin Transit Tracker hasn't Tracked a Yellow or Green Line train since Aug 30th, its all be "Scheduled Arrival". Still some work to be finished.

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