Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sacramento RT and TriMet - Related?

I my looking at other agencies sites today, I got into reading Sacramentos RT site, and noticed some very interesting similarities. Lets have a look:

-SAC RT had Services cuts to 23 bus lines, no cuts to Rail. (VS) TM cut 30 bus lines service

-On the heels of bus cuts, SAC RT Groundbreaks Rail Line (VS) TM Opens Green Line and pushes forward on Orange Line.

-Fares are outrageous for both, SAC RT 2.50 Single Ride/$100 Month (VS) TM 2.30/$86 Month

-SAC RT Expansion projects mostly Rail (VS) TM Projects mostly Rail

-Neither are using Twitter to its fullest potential

-SAC RT GM has never been a Bus Driver (VS) TM GM Fred Hansen...Same Thing
(Both want "Total Transit System")

- A Driver from SAC RT has a blog similar to our own Ranting Al's Blog

However....however.....SAC RT has found a way to AVOID more service cuts planned for January, TM has cuts planned, and no word if they can be avoided yet.

I found this very interesting.....


jmchuff said...

But it appears that Sacramento also got rid of transfers, so that $2.50 is actually a lot worse. Here, you can do a round trip requiring two boardings each way for $2.00. There, the cheapest way would be to purchase a $6 day pass.

Al M said...

Interesting post!