Friday, September 18, 2009

Within the Time Limits of my Ticket

I took another ride on the Green Line tonight, about rush hour time. I started at Gateway, where when the MAX Rings the bell AND Blows the horn apparently means grab your child and dart in front of said moving trains, IDIOTS! I yelled at them that the horn means STOP! Went to the mall, then returned an hour later. I have yet to have an on time Green Line Run, The outbound run was about 7 min late, and fairly busy. The return trip is where it got interesting. They piled everyone on a Type 2/3 trainset that pulled in after the Type 4 rolled down the spur, then the Type 4 rolled in from the spur track (What it was doing down there to begin with is beyond me, it was on the same side of the platform the entire time), and they moved every one over to it, then we left 2 min late.
Just minutes later I get an email on my phone from TriMet service Updates: MAX service on I-205 between Main Street and Clackamas Town Center stations will be served by buses. Expect delays.. Odd, since I am on a fairly packed moving train (track Speed).
Needless to say I made it to 82nd Ave Station without an issue, after seeing a small fleet of buses out of Main Street Station of course, for the supposed issues we are having.

While at 82nd waiting to Xfer back to the Red Line,
Theres this guy, Taping a Transfer together on the platform:

Very interesting in deed, he has his little razor, and a very small roll of scotch tape with him.......

Then My Red Line finally pulls up (Close to 10 min late), fairly empty, just me and some..well


I have asked what is up with the Transit Tracker, Its virtually useless right now for tracking any MAX Vehicle, I'll let you know their response.