Monday, September 14, 2009

Washington State Ferries

While away last week, I took a journey on a Washington State Ferry over to Bainbridge Island from Seattle. I have done this once before, but last time it was cold and cloudy. This day it was pretty nice.
The first thing I noticed are turnstyles! Really? For ferries? Guess so, it also accepts OCRA, the new SmartCard in the Seattle Area. If you buy a Single Use ticket (Online or at the ticket booth), or a Pass, you just swipe the barcode thru and your off! Like many lines, you only pay one way to ride. If you have an ORCA Card you just tap and walk on thru.

The loading process is fairly quick, and these guys have got it down. In many cases, the autos are unloading before the walk ons are.
It just a cool process to watch. Everything from Bicycles to Big Rigs carrying supplies load on off quickly and efficiently.

In the end, the best part was the views you get from the ferry of Seattles skyline. It is truly a beautiful city.

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Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing beautiful photographs here.