Sunday, August 16, 2009

BART Strike Info, Resources and Articles

Some articles relating to the upcoming potential strike, will be updated. Options for other transit options are available here and traffic conditions are here. BARTs Website containing updates is here.
Last Update: 8/26/2009 8:21 am

Last BART Union ratifies contract

BART Union expected to approve contract, voting takes place today

About the New Contract ATU will vote on Aug 25

BART Riders Rage a factor in agreement

Unions vote early next week, will this be over?

Stop The Gravy Train, editorial about the ATU/BART negotiations

STRIKE AVERTED for now, BART will be running service as usual tomorrow, unions still must vote

Progress being made, Strike might be averted

Negotiations down to wire, no agreement yet

Talks continue, Strike Could be stopped is deal if reached in time

BART and ATU resume talks at 11 am today, BART optimistic on results

Hotels offering BART Strike Rates to avoid commuting

California Governor warns BART about punishing Commuters

The BART Strike is because of Selfish ATU Members, An opinion editorial

Public showing no support for ATU Members, Protest planned

Search BART workers salaries here

From BART, Side by side comparison of imposed vs. voted on agreements

BARTs website on labor agreements and such. Editorials and stories taking BARTS side on the same website here.

ATUs website about the negotiations. Articles and stories taking ATUs side here and here.


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