Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bridge Pedal - An inconvenience

Once again, another Bike event takes tot he streets and freeways to inconvenience residents and frustrate them beyond control. I live in the South Waterfront area, My ONLY ways out are thru "Bump" sites, 2 of them. Last time we got caught at a "Bump" site, it took 30 min to pass, no breakfast for us! We actually have places to be on Sunday......taking some one to WORK! Not everyone has a M-F job, some people have to serve these disrespectful and high and mighty jerks. Its time to move this crap out to the burbs, Beaverton, or Tualatin. This is just stupid, close off I-5, 405, Macadam!!! These stupid bikes already break many laws everyday, 2 days ago one almost wrecked after a car stopped at his stop sign, then proceeded as he should, and the bike just came barreling thru and blew the stop sign and had to slam on the brakes to avoid slamming into the side of the law abiding car. So now lets egg them on by closing off roads and freeways so they can break EVERY rule in the book, I bet when I need to cross, and my light is green, i will be told to wait. Screw the City of Portland!

This is the link to what will be closed off:

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