Monday, August 17, 2009

OMSI Shuttle - Good idea?

Is the OMSI Shuttle a good idea, or poor allocation of transit funds? The bus essentially is running frequent service. Every time I see this bus in action, its got 1400s or 2100s on the line, 2 buses running the line, and about 0-5 people on it. Its about 20 min round trip. Is this the best use of resources? Maybe its best bet is to extend the Wash Park shuttle, similar to what the "Culture Bus" line 63 did some time ago. We all know TriMet likes everything to connect to MAX, instead of having a one seat bus ride 5 miles. Its a shame we have this happening this way while Wash County is about to suffer.

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Adron said...

I personally find the OMSI shuttle a vacuous waste of money, and of course since the bus is empty 99% of the time, it is a horrendous source of additional pollution (as any bus is if its empty or with low rider count).

I honestly don't get the point, I almost feel like the OMSI shuttle is there to meet some requirement for the eastside streetcar that just broke ground.