Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OffBeat - SoapBox Questions

Some things I may never understand.

Why Does a Dealership schedule an appointment only to tell you we should get to it later? Why not schedule the Appointment when you will be ready for the car?

Why does an employer put "Wage Depending on Experience" when they know good and well what the wage will be? It actually, effectively discourages me from applying. It seems many times they are trying to lowball.

Why do you get Free WiFi at a hotel charging you $80/night, but you have to pay for it at one charging $200/night?

Why do cheaper apartments cover Water sewer and garbage, and more expensive ones don't?

Why are CEOs so greedy? Why do they whine when they might be taxed 3X as much as a middle class worker on income 10X + as much?

What is the purpose of inflation? It all follows suit, making it pointless.



Adron said...

-> Dealerships are run by... well you can fill in the blank.

-> "Wage Depending on Experience" absolutely makes a difference to what jobs I apply to, if I'm applying. I haven't had to in years though, as people seek me out - in large part because of this: I prefer being paid on "merit" or "experience" being vastly superior to "seniority"... but depending on what they mean can make a huge difference.

-> Simple. The $80 buck a room place is for econo peepz, i.e. people who won't pay for Internet. The $200 buck a room is a place business people and politicians usually stay at, so they get dinged for more fees and such.

-> Umm, this isn't always true. I haven't stayed in a "cheap" apartment for about 10 years, but I haven't had a separate bill for water & sewage for at least 10 years... I guess my experience has just been the reverse of what you've seen. Either which way, I kind of find a bill broken out in multiple ways annoying and stupid on the part of the management.

-> It's the premise I suppose. I despise the fact I pay 2.4x the amount of taxes the average payer pays. Why do I get punished because I make more money than the vast majority of the population? I'm not rich by most peoples view, but I'm well off. Anyway, the list goes on. When one really gets down to it, why do we pay income taxes at all? Rich or poor, doesn't make any difference, income taxes are detrimental on many levels, to poor, rich, and middle class. It is also arguable if the income taxes even do much more than pay the debt on the Federal Governments sorry pathetic budgets.

-> Inflation is another mode of taxation, a way to remove responsibility from the Government for paying bills, and to allow for excessive economic growth. It also helps maintain employment levels, specifically for unskilled and simple labor work. Since most of the lower priced work isn't competitive in the US, inflation helps to counter this to some degree.

Inflation mind you, is a disturbing form of taxation & dishonesty by the Government IMHO. The way inflation works based on our fractional reserve system is one of the MOST dishonest manipulations of people in the US the Government has ever committed.

It makes even those rich & greedy CEOs seem like honest, high caliber people - THAT is how screwed up our system is. Looks like there is no fix in site either.

...Just my 2 cents, I've studied a number of your ponderings thoroughly, so if you're ever up for conversation & a coffee (or whatever, PBR, burger, etc) just lemme know.

punkrawker4783 said...

On the Wage DOE subject, I only SoapBox about it because 2 jobs I applied for were DOE, but when I talked to them, come to find out it was a flat rate, not a range, but a set amount. I know someplaces ACTUALLY go off DOE, have a range of wage, but the ones that have the flat rate shouldn't be using DOE. Thats my issue with that.