Sunday, August 30, 2009

Observations from a Ride aboard A Type 4 on the Blue Line

I rode Round Trip on the Blue Line today, here are my observations from the ride, its a bit of everything, a travelogue if you will:

-Started At Gateway
-Lady walks up to machine with cash in hand, makes selection, then looks for cash slot, I let her know it was a Cards Only machine, cause she missed the LARGE letters at her eye level
-Cars 412 + 411
-Mock Green Line Trains running with 2 empty cars, one will do, they are mostly using Type 1 & 2 equipment
-2 Trainers and 1 supervisor BSing the entire Time I was there
-Train was 20 min late to start
-TriMet Trainers Smoking at Gateway near customers
-Train is plagued with problems
-A shut down and restart was needed at 181st
-At 148th a older man was sagging his pants, but he wasn't wearing underwear, eww
-Large Gap at the bottom of the doors where the ramps are
-Drafts come in when trains pass and in the tunnel
-Yellow Line Transfer announcements are now wrong since they haven't been changed
-People still try to barge on while passengers are trying to alight
-5th and Mall Station a homeless man reaches into a garbage can and pulls out an unfinished Starbucks Frapp, and finishes it
-The Pioneer Sq announcement is all jumbled now, it sounds sloppy
-Seat by the door has no room to slide all the way over, you cant fit 2 adults in this space, should have been one seat facing inwards, or a bike slot
-Lady in Wheelchair at Sunset too busy talking on phone to realize ramp was out of service, almost got left behind, maybe she should have, or should have hung up.....
-Another lady in Wheelchair at Beaverton getting pissy because ramp wont deploy, ramp was out of service, trying to blame operator instead of trying another door
-Airshow at Hillsboro Airport
-Got off at Washington/12th to return
-Exit train, cross to Inbound Platform, 3 Hillsboro trains pass in a 4 min time frame while I wait for an Inbound Train
-Train Car 240, 20 min late
-Fill up to standing room only at Fair Complex Station
-Change operators at Elmonica, She was very nice
-Train is a sardine can out of PGE Park
-Bicycle is denied boarding by fellow passenger cause theres no room (He tried to barge his way on)
-Lady runs in front of MAX at Convention Center as operator rings the bell and thinks the operator will let her on because of a smile? Wrong.
-Lloyd Center Announcement Finally includes "Last Stop in Fareless Square"
-Half the Train empties at Lloyd Center
-Kid gets on at Lloyd Center almost takes out 2 people to sit in front seat
-Same Kid gets on cell phone loudly to his "Honey" (Spare me please)
-Guy behind me sits, blasts his headphones, sings along and tries to snack on smelly food
-Back to Gateway, still about 20 min behind
-On the way home, I notice trains backed up again on I-84

The one thing I noticed the whole way, My fare was NEVER checked, I NEVER saw a fare inspector on my entire journey, onboard or on a platform.

Wasn't that fun? Should do it again sometime.


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I live in Lake Oswego, and I really love your videos on YouTube.

I am trying to catch the Type 4 MAX Trains in either Blue or Red Line before it begins servicing the Green Line on September 13. (I want to experience the new trains first before riding them on the Green Line) So far, no luck. Do you know the schedule for the Type 4 trains on Blue and Red Lines? Or do I have to wait, and hope for the best.

punkrawker4783 said...

Hi Muffin Man,

Thanks for the kudos, I am always happy to hear people out there enjoy my videos.

As far as the Type 4 trains, its Trial and Error. Yesterday in an errand I spotted two of them, After I got home I looked up the schedules and matched the time and place I saw them, therefore I was able to catch it easily, but for the most part, its a waiting and luck game. I think 401-406 are in service and I was on 411-412, so theres up to 4 chances, but I think they are using one or two on the Mock Green Line runs, everyday is different. Good Luck, Thanks for reading! =)

J said...

Mock Green Line Trains running with 2 empty cars, one will do, they are mostly using Type 1 & 2 equipment

They're not exactly mock green line trains - Yellow & Green are the same trains now - a train will be at Expo, be Yellow through downtown on the mall, gets to PSU, becomes a Green, goes out to Clackamas, comes back downtown, gets to PSU, becomes a Yellow, goes out to Expo, etc. So that's why you're going to see them running 2 cars because that train isn't out of service all day - on its next trip around, it'll be an in-service Yellow.

punkrawker4783 said...

They have always got to keep things interesting, Although I dislike that set up with the buses, I do for MAX too, but I assume theres a "Logical" reason for it. Thanks for the info, At least if i see an inbound Yellow Type 4, I wont get pissed when it swings around out of service (for the next 2 weeks) and now I get to wait longer. =)

J said...

Oh yeah, and there's one run on the mall that's basically going to be like a streetcar and circle up and down 5th & 6th without going to Expo or Clackamas.

And yeah, the 4s are pretty random, just depends on how the trains got stored in the yards the night before when the trains are assigned for the day. I forget how many are in service now, but I think there's at least three sets of 4s. Of course, if there are problems with a train, it'll be pulled out of service. So even if you see, for example, train 6 in the morning and it's a type 4, don't count on it being that way in the evening :)

punkrawker4783 said...

I haven't got to the Mall Circular Line issue, but that is stupid! It circles from noon to about 530p M-F only, for what? I think its unnecessary. It would be handy right now maybe, until Green Line accepts pax? Otherwise, it seems its just there for grins and giggles, we could have saved a bus line, or some service instead. Just my opinion....its all I can do.

J said...

It would be handy right now maybe, until Green Line accepts pax?

Not even really - I mean, if I'm at PSU and want to go to Burnside, it's only 15 minutes for the next Yellow line, or I could just grab a bus. Or walk, even, since it's not that far. I guess it's to make up for Fareless being rail only?

punkrawker4783 said...

Maybe, but then they could wait until the fareless deal ends. I ride the Streetcar quite a bit to PSU, it usually times well with and 8 or 9 right there, or a 12 or 19 one block away (N), so even while Fareless is still open, its quick to get down yonder via any method. When all is up, it will be about 7 min wait tops? Thats plenty really.