Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Green Line Ride Editorial

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take a Preview Ride on the new Green Line. It was a nice ride, and fairly quick. Its 13 min from Main St (Mall 205) to Clackamas TC. Going northbound, we were actually passing traffic on I-205. Overall its a nice line.

TriMet followed the path of the I-84 corridor in a few aspects, for example, many TVMs are not on the platform, but before you enter, which raises the questions why didn't they consider Fare control systems at many of them. I also took note that some of the stations may be prone to crime, the Flavel and Division Stations are sunken (below the freeway) while most of the others are up, where they are in the lime light of people and cars. One stop is close to the Copper Penny Bar, there is a track record of violence around that area, which could spill on to the MAX.

My complaint about the design, Holgate, Powell and Division stations are too close, So close our operator had to do a half E-Stop so we could stop in the station. Powell and Division could have been combined, and it would have added a little space from Holgate, but the travel time seemed like less than 1 min between each one, while its a long haul from Main to Divison, and Fuller (Johnson Creek) to Clackamas.

My favorite thing about this line is they way it sounds. Something about they way SF BART sounds, that airy rail "I'm flying" sound, this line has quite a bit of that thanks to the elevated rails (Finally, MAX Elevated!!!). But thats my Transit Geek coming out a little bit. I made 2 videos, one is Southbound and the line in real time and all the sounds to go with it, the other is Northbound quickly, the view from the passenger seat but in record time. I think its a good line, I actually think we needed this one, It should have been built before the Yellow Line. I also do NOT support the Milwauke MAX Line, That line would be better suited for a Streetcar, or perhaps better bus service, or even Electric Trolley buses, new concept for TriMet, but the line is a waste and is poorly planned thru its path. Furthermore, this MAX line (and all future MAX Lines) need to cease until we get the buses replaced and service improved in the region. In the mean time, we will enjoy the Green Line.

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